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South Korea

Daikin debuts residential air-to-air heat pump

The Japanese manufacturer claims the new product has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of up to 9.47 and a seasonal coefficient of performance of up to 5.20.


Perovskite solar cell engineered with crown ethers achieves 21.7% efficiency

Researchers utilized crown ether B18C6 and interfacial passivation at the perovskite-hole transport material interface to address lead leakage, improve power conversion efficiency and the cell’s ability to withstand humidity.

Perovskite quantum dot solar cell achieves record-breaking efficiency of 12.70%

Conceived by South Korean scientists, the cell was built with an electron transport layer made of tin oxide via a low-temperature process. The device reportedly achieved the highest power conversion efficiency ever reported for flexible quantum dot solar cells.

LG presents residential air-to-water heat pump

The system uses difluoromethane (R32) as the refrigerant and has reportedly a seasonal coefficient of performance of up to 4.69.


Hybridizing thermoelectric generators with photovoltaic ground-source heat pumps

Researchers in South Korea have analyzed the feasibility of using thermoelectric generators in combination with residential solar-assisted ground-source heat pumps and have found that the thermoelectric devices may act as a suitable power source for data loggers and other sensors in a building system.

PV-driven water splitting system with solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of 9.8%

Scientists in Korea have built a green hydrogen system prototype that embeds a PV generation unit based on photoanodes made of perosvksite solar cells. The device purportedly achieved a solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of 9.8% for a device with a size of 0.25 cm2, and 8.5% for a system measuring 123.2 cm2.


Brite Energy Partners, LG Innotek sign 84.7 MW deal in South Korea

LG Innotek will secure electricity and supply renewable energy certificates (REC) under a 20-year fixed-price agreement, procuring 100 GWh of renewable energy per year.


The Hydrogen Stream: Mitsui tests MAN B&W engine on hydrogen

Mitsui and MAN say they have converted a gas injection engine to hydrogen for the maritime industry, while 3M and HD Hyundai Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (KSOE) have agreed to develop large liquid hydrogen storage tanks.

Korean scientists build semi-transparent perovskite solar cell with record-breaking efficiency of 22.02%

Developed by researchers at the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), the novel cell was conceived for applications in bifacial perovskite-silicon tandem PV devices. The academics claim they were able to overcome an intrinsic dopant-induced internal degradation mechanism which leads to undesired lithium-ion diffusion that would have been detrimental to the cell efficiency.


VSun Solar signs polysilicon supply deal with OCI

OCI has agreed to supply polysilicon to Toyo Solar, the cell production subsidiary of VSun Solar, in order to support wafer production.

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