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Israeli startup develops PV-driven cooling system based on compressed air

Storage Drop has secured a grant from the European Union to develop its PV-driven cooling system technology for low temperature environments. The system is based on compressed air energy storage technology and a hydraulic isothermal compressor with a water pump that compresses the air in an isothermal process.


Endesa switches on 1.1 MW/ 5.5 MWh redox flow battery in Spain

Spanish utility Endesa has activated a 1.1 MW/5.5 MWh redox flow battery in Spain. It says it is the vanadium redox flow storage system connected to a PV plant in Europe. It is situated near Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands.


How to convert PV plants with dual-axis trackers into agrivoltaic facilities

A Spanish group of researchers has investigated how much agricultural production may be hosted by existing ground-mounted PV plants using dual-axis trackers. They outlined a new methodology that reportedly enables to quantify how much space around and beneath the panels can be uses for agricultural purposes.


Iberdrola, FCC Ámbito to collaborate on solar panel recycling  

Spain’s Iberdrola and FCC Ámbito have agreed to work together on the development of new circularity solutions for solar panels, to ensure that 100% of the materials in the modules can be recycled.


Power Electronics plans 20 GW inverter factory in US

Spanish inverter manufacturer Power Electronics has an annual inverter production capacity of 30 GW, but it now plans to build a new 20 GW manufacturing facility in the United States.


Ecosistema PVcase: La solución integral para el desarrollo y diseño de plantas fotovoltaicas

En este webinar, Héctor Lucas Forasté, ingeniero preventas en PVcase, presenta un ecosistema donde ofrece diferentes herramientas software para facilitar el paso de cada una de las fases del desarrollo de una planta fotovoltaica, desde la búsqueda y selección del terreno hasta las fases del diseño y el cálculo de producciones sin que se produzca el tan habitual riesgo de pérdida o degradación de datos. Los asistentes podrán conocer más sobre cada una de estas herramientas, Prospect, Ground Mount y Yield, y sus beneficios.

New method to repair ribbon busbar interruptions in PV panels

A Spanish research team has developed a set of techniques to repair ribbon busbar interruptions in PV panels without resorting to expensive electroluminescence images. The scientists warned that the proposed approach should not be used with modules that did not pass some basic safety tests.


Spanish company offers harmless device protecting solar modules from birds

Prosolarbirds has designed a harmless device to prevent birds from perching on the panels and soiling them with excrement. It is a rotating device, without a motor, that is activated by a slight breeze, and whose movement prevents birds from landing.

Spain announces €750 million incentive scheme for clean-tech manufacturing

Spain’s government has submitted a new incentive scheme to a public consultation. It is designed to support the development of a clean-tech supply chain in the country, including the production of batteries.


Mine engineers develop air PV for applications in limited spaces

Engineers in Spain have developed a PV system solution that uses steel cables as a mounting structure. They say it is deployable in different scenarios with limited space.


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