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Winaico unveils new 410 W solar modules

Winaico’s new PV modules are based on monocrystalline half-cells and a 10-busbar design, with a power conversion efficiency of 21.0%.

Taiwanese consortium develops easily recyclable solar module

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and United Renewable Energy (URE) have developed a solar panel that can be easily dismantled to simplify the recycling process. They claim that 96% of the materials in the panel can be recovered, including all of the solar cells and front glass.


Solar dominates renewable corporate PPAs in Asia Pacific, says WoodMac

Corporations in the Asia-Pacific region are set to contract a record 7 GW of renewable capacity in 2022, according to a new report by Wood Mackenzie. Solar accounts for 57% of the region’s contracted corporate renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) to date. India, Australia and Taiwan account for 89% of overall capacity in the region.

Taiwan’s largest battery comes online

United Renewable Energy has energized a 15 MW/15 MWh storage system connected to a 150 MW solar park located near Tainan.

Taiwan’s thingnario delivers PV production insights from 3,200 PV sites

Taiwan-based solar PV monitoring service provider, thingnario, which uses AI to interpret large data sets, has reported that large solar parks can save as much as US$4,000 per megawatt in avoidable losses each year. The data comes from over 3,200 PV sites in Taiwan, studied over four years. The company believes higher-quality O&M monitoring can recover much of these costs through its proven strategies.

Controlling the crystals for a 17.96% efficient perovskite solar cell

Scientists in Taiwan demonstrated a new way to produce high-purity lead-iodide, as a precursor material for a perovskite solar cell. By using temperature to better control the orientation of crystals, the group was able to show much higher efficiencies when the precursor was used to fabricate a perovskite layer and subsequently a working solar cell.


Taiwan maintains FIT rates for rooftop PV

The Taiwanese authorities have decided not to reduce feed-in tariffs for PV, as initially planned, in order to support more solar deployment. The country added around 1.9 GW of new solar capacity last year.

CIGS solar tile with 14.9% efficiency

Taiwanese manufacturer Eterbright has developed a CIGS solar tile with power output ranging from 26.5 W to 56 W and a temperature coefficient of -0.34% per C. The product is able to withstand a snow load of 5,400 Pa and a wind load ranging from 1,600 Pa to 2,400 Pa.


Lightsource bp to build 150 MW fishery solar farm in Taiwan

UK solar specialist Lightsource is developing a 150 MW solar park at a fishery in Budai, in Taiwan’s Chiayi county. Construction is expected to commence in June 2023.


Smarter E Products: Winaico launches 410 W solar panel with 20.93% efficiency

Winaico’s new 410 W solar panels measure 1,726 mm x 1,135 mm x 35 mm and weigh 21.5 kg. They can operate with a system voltage of 1,500 and come with a 25-year product guarantee and a 25-year performance guarantee.