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Taiwanese utility sets up renewables bidding platform

Taipower has developed a new platform to sell renewable energy to small- and medium-sized businesses. The power utility plans to sell 50 GWh of clean energy by the end of this year.


Taiwanese startup launches PV system for remote sensors, tracking systems

Developed by Taiwan-based Flexwave, the monocrystalline-based PV module relies on passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) cell technology and is available in two versions with a power output of 1,250 mW and 3,050 mW, respectively.

The race for 100% solar

With utility scale solar installations accelerating, Philip Wolfe, founder of PV data consultancy Wiki-Solar, drills into the data to highlight some interesting variations in relative progress around the world.


Photon, Toshiba building unsubsidized 120 MW solar fishery in Taiwan

A Toshiba-led consortium has secured a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) for a 120 MW solar fishery project in Taiwan. Completion is scheduled by the end of 2024.

Distributed solar as an antidote to illegal roof dwellings

Researchers in Taiwan are proposing a market-based incentive scheme to help property owners to move from using their roofs for illegal dwellings to rooftop solar power generation. They found these owners should be rewarded for solar power generation but also be compensated for the income loss due to the removal of illegal rentals.

Winaico releases 525 W TOPCon solar panels

Taiwanese manufacturer Winaico has developed new 525 W TOPCon solar panels with a power conversion efficiency of 22.1% and a temperature coefficient of -0.30% per degree Celsius.

Ciel & Terre hits 1.5 GW floating PV pipeline

French floating PV specialist Ciel & Terre says it now has more than 1.5 GW of floating PV projects in the design phase or under construction. It has already completed 280 floating solar projects in more than 30 countries, totaling 820 MW.

Taiwanese scientists develop high-concentration PV system

Taiwanese researchers have developed a system featuring a 2 × 2 Fresnel lens array and a solar panel made of III-V materials and polycrystalline solar cells, with low light leakage.


AUO, SAS join forces to strengthen Taiwan’s PV industry

Taiwanese manufacturers Sino-American Silicon (SAS) and AUO Corp. have announced a long-term supply deal for M10 solar cells.


High-capacity energy storage based on affordable, eco-friendly materials

Worldwide Universities Network researchers used cheap and abundant starting materials to synthesize a small molecule organic electrode material and achieved a considerable performance boost with various battery chemistries. The new cathode material exhibited unparalleled cycling stability, ultra-high capacity, and rate capability in aqueous zinc-ion batteries.

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