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‘Polysilicon shortage will continue through 2021’

The latest global PV industry outlook published by trade group SolarPower Europe, has indicated tight supply of the solar panel raw material is expected to persist this year but the trade body said it would be unlikely to drive further price rises.


TSEC switches on new 500 MW solar cell production line

The new production line will enable the Taiwan-based manufacturer to produce larger and more powerful modules.

Taiwan maintains feed-in tariffs for PV unchanged

The move is intended at helping the solar sector recover from the delays caused by the Covid-19 crisis. The Taiwanese government has also granted a three-month grace period for project completion.

Taiwan’s Wushantou Dam to host 13.7 MW floating PV array

The floating plant will be deployed at the 20 MW Wushantou hydroelectric power dam operated by Taiwanese state-owned utility Taiwan Power Corp, in Tainan city.


Delta launches 50 kW inverter for commercial arrays

The 98.7%-efficient device features six MPPT trackers and an overall input voltage range that is from 200 V to 1000 V.

Big solar-plus-storage comes to Taiwan

Taiwanese module maker URE Corp is planning to link a 150 MW solar plant to a 15 MW/15 MWh storage facility.

Winaico launches full black module with output of 370 W

The module features a power conversion efficiency of 19.94% and a temperature coefficient of -0.35% per degree Celsius. The product is recommended for residential and commercial projects

Taiwan joins the gigafactory club

Taiwan Cement is planning to build a US$352 million EV battery factory in southern Taiwan. The 1.8 GW facility will produce high-charge-discharge nickel ternary batteries.


Polyelectrolyte-based inverted perovskite solar cell with 20.29% efficiency

Taiwanese researchers have added bathocuproine (BCP) molecules to three different kinds of solvents used in perovskite cells and have ascertained how this combination increases the carrier mobility and passivates the electron-poor defects. Furthermore, they utilized a polyelectrolyte (P3CT-Na) thin film as hole transporting material instead of commonly-used thin films based on PEDOT:PSS.

URE Corp wants to begin TopCon solar cell production this year

The Taiwanese cell and module manufacturer claims to have achieved a 23.5% efficiency for its TopCon solar cell.