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Mobile nanogrids powered by solar, green hydrogen

Climate resilience solutions come prefabricated to generate clean, off-grid power for essential services and emergency response needs.


Cold-climate heat pump stays efficient in -12 C conditions

Lennox has developed the first prototype heat pump to achieve the US Department of Energy’s Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge’s standards, about a year ahead of schedule.


US startup unveils non-flammable batteries for EVs, storage

Alsym will produce its new batteries – made of readily available materials, without lithium or cobalt – for electric vehicles, stationary storage, and marine applications.


PEM fuel cell with lower platinum content

A Chinese-US research group has designed a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with a hybrid electrocatalyst. The scientists said the device shows remarkable stability and low performance losses.


NextEra sees 3.5 TW of renewables by 2050

NextEra expects 3.5 TW of renewable capacity installations through 2050, worth $2 trillion.


US government to support 12 remote, island communities in transition to clean energy

Communities will get help with strengthening energy infrastructure, reducing outage risk, and improving their future energy and economic outlook.


US grid-scale energy storage quadruples

Grid-scale and residential storage installations have set new records in the United States, despite supply chain concerns and pricing issues.


Biden halts solar tariffs for two years. What’s next?

Paul Wormser and Christian Roselund of Clean Energy Associates joined pv magazine to discuss the moratorium on solar tariffs and other executive actions taken by the White House.


Tandem tin-lead perovskite solar cell with 25.5% efficiency

The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory has made a tandem perovskite solar cell that can retain 80% of its original efficiency after 1,500 hours of continuous operation, or more than 62 days. To improve its stability, they used a hole-transporting material made of phenethylammonium iodide and guanidinium thiocyanate.

EV battery can reach 98% charge in less than 10 minutes

Enovix has shown that its US-made silicon anode lithium-ion batteries can charge from 0% to 80% in just five minutes.


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