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Model agreement to make solar and wind share same connection point in the Netherlands

The model agreement was outlined by Dutch consultancy Ventolines B.V. and follows the introduction of new provisions for the sharing of the same connection point issued by the country’s government last year.

Debate on alleged forced labor in Chinese PV industry heats up in the Netherlands

Three Dutch political parties have brought the forced labor issue to Parliament and have asked the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Sigrid Kaad, to report on the matter.


South Korea wants to build large-scale PV along highways

The new plan comes on top of a scheme launched in late March to deploy solar using railway infrastructure. The Korean government expects private developers will build solar plants on the highways’ idle sites for a combined capacity of 243 MW by 2025.

Chile wants to export green hydrogen to Port of Rotterdam

The Chilean Minister of Energy and Mining has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding to export green hydrogen to the Port of Rotterdam. The deal adds to the one signed with Singapore in early March to identify the best routes to reach Asian markets.


Dutch water agency to install more PV along highways

The Dutch water management agency plans to install solar along a highway in Overijssel. The project is part of a plan to build projects on state land, as the Dutch PV sector continues to search for alternative surfaces on which to deploy PV.

In the mind of a residential PV system owner

Scientists in the Netherlands have identified five different profiles of homeowners that have installed or could install rooftop PV systems. According to their findings, substantial differences characterize the five segmentation groups. The research is intended to help policymakers and solar companies to better promote PV technology among potential new adopters.


Flexible heat pumps ideal for power grids congested by solar and wind

Dutch transmission system operator Tennet, which also serves Germany, is planning to create flexible electricity demand and reduce grid congestion by promoting the use of smarter heating systems and heat pumps that can also be powered by solar and wind energy. According to its experts, intelligent control of heat pumps may result in the creation of between 0.5 and 1 GW of temporary grid flexibility by 2030.


Netherlands deployed 2.93 GW of solar in 2020

At the end of December, the country’s cumulative installed solar capacity surpassed 10 GW. PV was able to cover around 6.6% of Dutch electricity demand last year, according to a new report from Dutch New Energy.


Baywa re energizes more floating PV in the Netherlands

The German renewable energy company has completed two more projects, totaling 29.2 MW, in the country.


Dutch business regulation agency rules network operators lacking capacity are allowed to deny grid-connection

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets has established that the first-come, first-served principle applied by grid operators is the correct approach to manage current grid congestion. The decision was taken to resolve a legal dispute between Liander and an agricultural entrepreneur that was denied grid access for a PV project.

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