EU criticizes Spain’s renewable energy moratorium


The EU has said that it does not feel comfortable with the Spanish government’s decision. Although reforms in the renewable support schemes might be necessary to adjust the state’s expenses, the Commission told pv magazine that "it is important for Europe’s renewable energy industry and for the overall investment climate, that such reforms are managed carefully."

It added, "We should always remind ourselves that financing for renewables is a growth enhancing expenditure that will provide greater return in the future."

The Commission further criticized the economic uncertainty that will be provoked by the measures. "The suspension of all new renewable energy projects will also have a disturbing impact on investment in this sector. How can we plan to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and develop new industries and jobs if we create such a volatile investment climate?," it asked.

The highest executive organism of the EU also commented on the fact that the Spanish government did not attempt to discuss its measures with the renewable energy sector before implementing them.

"Reforms should be undertaken with the market players and not with such sudden stop-start approaches. The Commission would rather hope that reforms are undertaken following best practice across Europe and strive to minimise disruption and confusion to the investors and market players who are creating the jobs and growth Europe needs so much."

It has been reported in Spain that Madrid only talked to the traditional big energy producers before concluding the new law last Friday.