SolarWorld supplies largest solar project in Dominican Republic


U.S. manufacturer SolarWorld has supplied the panels and racking for the largest solar array in the Dominican Republic.

Some 5,880 SolarWorld Sunmodule panels mounted on the company’s Sunfix Ground Mount racking have been installed near the runway of Cibao International Airport, the Caribbean country’s third largest airport.

The 1.5 MW project has been described as ‘one of the largest and most ambitious in Latin America‘ by Enrique Ramirez, president of the Republic’s national commission of energy.

SolarWorld’s EPC personnel helped Dominican Republic developer and installer Trace Solar SRL plan the array, which is expected to generate 193,000 kWh/month – around half of the airport’s energy requirements.

The government of the Dominican Republic offers tax incentives and net metering to drive the uptake of solar in the nation.

SolarWorld’s Latin American operations have seen it operate across the region in Haiti, Peru, Mexico and Honduras.