Operations and maintenance PV market to treble in four years


The price of the operations and maintenance (O&M) services used to run megawatt-scale PV plants can vary by as much as 100% between low-cost markets such as the U.S. and top-end countries like Italy, according to a new report into the sector.

A report by market research agency GTM Research has highlighted the disparity between O&M service providers worldwide.

The report predicts the worldwide market for PV O&M services will treble in the next four years as the Asia-Pacific region drives the pace of megawatt-scale PV installations to replace Europe as the world’s growth engine for PV.

GTM’s research also highlights differences between PV markets, with the world’s biggest three O&M providers – First Solar, SunEdison and SunPower – all American despite the fact America is only the world’s sixth biggest market for MW-scale installations.

That reflects the concentration of O&M services between a small number of providers in the U.S. whereas the picture in markets like Italy and Germany is much more fragmented.