China Sunergy's 260 MW deal to supply modules to the state


With the Chinese authorities making extensive efforts to shore up the value of the nation’s solar industry players, cell and module maker China Sunergy today (Friday) announced a 260 MW module supply deal – to the state.

The Nanjing-based manufacturer announced news of the deal, which was carried by the PRNewswire, revealing its CEEG (Nanjing) Renewable Energy subsidiary would supply the modules to the state-owned China Power Investment Corporation, under a 12-month deal.

The makeshift nature of the latest state intervention in domestic solar was revealed by the fact the year-long deal was backdated to start last month, with the company announcement specifying only that the modules would be used for ground-mount projects "in various locations across China."

Elsewhere on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, coal and gas giant Huadian Power revealed it has development permits, or has started construction on, 94 MW of PV projects in China.

Part of an overall pipeline of 9.25 GW of power projects, the schemes are based in Saibei, Zhangjiakou (4 MW); Baituyao, Guyuan (20 MW); Naobaotu, (30 MW) and Yuanbaoshan (20 MW), both in Guyuan and all in Hebei province; as well as a 10 MW project in Hudian, Zhangqiu, in Xianggongzhuang province; and a 10 MW scheme in Huadian Tai’erzhuang.