New propane heat pump for district heating


Qvantum has developed a propane heat pump for use in apartments connected to low-temperature district heating systems.

“Heat pumps have been available for many years, but as a technology reserved for those who have their own houses. However, most people live in apartments in densely populated urban areas, where fossil fuel heating has been the go-to solution,” said Qvantum.

Qvantum CEO Fredrik Rosenqvist said the company replaces apartment gas burners with low-temperature local district heating networks, and then combines them with compact heat pumps.

“Our solution makes it possible for European building owners to rapidly switch to fossil-free heating, both in new and old developments,” said Rosenqvist.

The solution includes a pre-plumbed indoor water tank unit and a compressor heat pump module, the QG-6 (M). Qvantum claims that the heat pump can be placed under kitchen sinks, while the water tank can be wall-mounted anywhere in an apartment.

The heat pump has a heating capacity of 6 kW, measures 230 mm x 430 mm x 410 mm, and weighs 30 kg. The hydro unit has a capacity of 145 liters, measures 500 mm x 500 mm x 1,050 mm, and weighs 95 kg.

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The Qvantum QG has a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4, according to the company's data sheet. It can purportedly produce hot water up to 70 C. Its seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) for heating water to 35 C is 4.42, while the SCOP for 55 C applications is 3.81.

The solution is based on local low-temperature district heating networks using incoming circuit water of 10 C to 20 C and heat pumps as the energy center.

“The energy in that grid can then be used by the apartment heat pumps, both to provide heating and cooling. Along the circuit, excess heat and cold is harvested, and the energy is recycled to the grid,” said Qvantum.

The new heat pump recently won the ISH Design Plus award. The competition “rewards future-proof products which demonstrate an optimum combination of sustainability, aesthetic appeal and functionality,” according to the ISH Design Plus website.

Qvantum has been producing heat pumps for more than 30 years. It is now building a new factory in Sweden with an annual capacity of 50,000 heat pumps.

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