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Residential PV

Ireland cites need for 1.9 GW more solar this decade to stay on track for net zero

Although wind power dominates the renewables scene in the Republic of Ireland and the North – and even natural gas has a bigger role to play – the grid companies of the neighbors have revised up their estimates of how much solar will be needed, after talking to the public and industry.

Soluna unveils 20kWh battery for residential and commercial applications

The Chinese manufacturer says the battery has a depth of discharge of 95%. It will be available for sale starting from Q1 2022.


New solar tile from Brazil

Developed by Brazilian construction materials provider Eternit S.A., the tile has a nominal power of 9.1 W and an average monthly generation capacity of 1.15 kWh. It is available in five colors and two versions with a classic or reinforced design.

Fire risks for rooftop solar

A recent study by Clean Energy Associates showed that 90% of inspected rooftops had significant safety and fire risks. Here’s how to protect your solar asset.

Solar module prices will stay high until 2023, IHS Markit says

IHS Markit predicts that global installed solar PV capacity will grow by 20% to over 200 GW in 2022, despite a difficult cost environment. PV system costs are expected to resume their downward trend from 2023, when more polysilicon capacities will come into operation.


Costs falling for all PV systems in US market, says NREL

The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory says in a new report that costs for all types of PV systems continue to fall, although it notes that balance-of-systems costs have increased or remained flat across sectors this year.


Switzerland allocates $488.5 million for solar rebates in 2022

This year, more than 18,000 photovoltaic systems, totaling around 360 MW, have already been registered for the one-off payment. The rebate covers around 20% of the investment costs, depending on the system performance.


Distribution networks to shrink as safety, reliability of standalone solar improves

Western Australia leads the world in successfully implementing renewables-based generation for far-flung customers. Boundary Power has been widely recognized for its innovations and is ready to repeat its successes with standalone power systems across Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Lazard’s LCOE report raises concerns about future price stability

A new Lazard report has highlighted worries about price stability and product availability, as demand for battery products continues to increase.


System design for greenhouses relying on PV and ground source heat pump

Proposed by Turkish scientists, the system design consists of combining rooftop PV with a ground source heat pump in a greenhouse used for tomato, cucumber and lettuce cultivation. The solar array operates under net metering and grid electricity is used when PV generation is unable to cover demand. According to their findings, the system payback time ranges from 2.6 to 7 years.


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