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Energy Storage

Survey highlights fire-detection, suppression issues in battery storage systems

A new Clean Energy Associates (CEA) survey shows that 26% of battery storage systems have fire-detection and fire-suppression issues, while about 18% face challenges with thermal management systems.

Slenergy releases residential PV system package with heat pump

Slenergy has introduced a new residential PV system package featuring 425 W solar panels, a hybrid inverter, a high-voltage battery, and a Slenergy-branded heat pump. The package incorporates Internet-of-Things hardware for real-time data collection and intelligent control strategies.


Green hydrogen, power generation tech based on compressed air storage, solid-oxide electrolysis cells

Scientists in Korea have developed a compressed air storage system that can be used as a combined cooling, heat, and power system and provide heat and power to solid-oxide electrolysis cells for hydrogen generation. It showed an overall roundtrip efficiency of 121.2% and over-unity efficiencies in the range of 100% to 120%.

NREL outlines feasibility of heat pumps in US market

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has outlined the feasibility of heat pumps in the US market in a new report. It says installation costs and energy savings prices have changed in relation to climate, heating sources, and types of homes. It says policymakers should further reduce the costs of installing heat pumps to benefit more US households.

Study models optimized use of PV via EV charging facilities

Australian researchers have shown that free electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities using optimized solar systems can lower grid demand in the evening, with implications for broader nationwide efficiencies.


The Hydrogen Stream: Japan expands ties with Germany, South Africa

The Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (Jogmec) and Germany’s H2Global Foundation have agreed to cooperate on clean hydrogen, while officials from Japan and South Africa met this week to discuss hydrogen collaboration opportunities.


LG launches new residential storage solution

LG has developed two versions of its new enblock E storage system, each with usable energy capacities of 12.4 kWh and 15.5 kWh. It says the two models, sized at 451 mm x 330 mm, can be easily deployed in small spaces.


New approach to integrate PV-powered heat pumps into greenhouses

Scientists have proposed to use PV energy and heat pump-driven HVAC system in greenhouses conceived to grow tomatoes in the Mediterranean area. The system was found to have a payback time of only 2.9 years in southern Spain.

Hydrogen plus battery storage could enable clean energy transition

A new Stanford University report shows that the transition to clean energy could help many countries to reduce their annual energy costs by around 61%.


Weekend Read. COP: A solar flop?

Tripling clean energy generation capacity to 11 TW by 2030 was a leading pledge from the United Nations’ (UN) climate change conference in Dubai. With few details about infrastructure and energy storage and no clear PV targets, however, it is hard to judge the effectiveness of the 28th global Conference of the Parties (COP) meeting. Angela Skujins considers possible impacts for the solar industry.


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