Ikea tests rooftop PV and blockchain on miniature wooden village

The Solarville project, by Ikea’s Danish research and design laboratory, has seen the participation of blockchain companies such as Bloc, Blocktech, WeMoveIdeas India and Temporal. It was conceived to help create cooperative community micro-grids to enable homeowners to become clean energy traders.


Unlocking Scandi-candy for PV projects in developing countries

A new report suggests that better guarantee mechanisms and securities could unlock more investments from Scandinavia for renewable energy projects in developing countries. Overall, however, it finds that Norway, Sweden and Denmark have comprehensive mechanisms in place for bringing together industry and public support schemes.


Denmark’s wind-solar auction ends with average premium tariff of €0.0031/kWh, and almost 40% of capacity assigned to solar

Although wind power had the largest share with 165 MW of capacity, solar was able to secure the same number of projects and a total capacity of 104 MW. The Danish Energy Agency had received 17 bids, including 280 MW of solar projects.


Google seeks green PPA for its new data center in Denmark

The Internet giant began construction on what will be its fifth datacenter in Europe. The €600 million facility will be powered exclusively by clean energy sources, the company said.

Denmark awards 19 MW in tender for solar up to 1 MW

The tender concluded with a final price ranging between DKK 0.1000 (US$0.15) to DKK 0.1490 (0.22) per kWh. Overall, nineteen 1 MW projects from eight different bidders were selected.

Two new utility-scale PV projects for Denmark

Two utility-scale solar PV projects totaling 32 MW are set to come online in Denmark by the end of 2018, having received financing from the Danish Green Investment Fund.

Denmark launches 140 MW mixed wind-PV tender

Two weeks after issuing a tender for solar up to 1 MW, the Danish Energy Agency has now launched a second tender scheduled for this year, for large-scale solar and wind projects. Selected schemes will be eligible to receieve a premium feed-in premium over a 20-year period.

Denmark issues tender for solar projects up to 1 MW

Through the exercise, the Danish Energy Agency will allocate around 35 MW of PV capacity. The $16.7m tender was originally scheduled for last year.

PV steps in to cover coal and nuclear power shortfalls

The sunny, dry summer has seen solar break several records and PV kept the lights on when a lack of coolant – caused by rising river water temperatures – led to the temporary shuttering of conventional power plants in France and Germany.


Danish Energy Agency expects wind to be only winner in wind-solar tenders

In a report on the outlook for the Danish energy market, the agency predicted solar will keep having a minimal share in the country’s energy mix as it grows from around 900 MW to just 1.4 GW by 2030.


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