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The Hydrogen Stream: CIP plans 7 GW of electrolysis hub in Australia

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has announced plans to develop an AUD 30 billion ($19,95 billion) green hydrogen production hub on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, while a new research study shows the feasibility of gas-to-hydrogen pipeline conversion in Western Australia.

Denmark hits 3.2 GW of installed PV capacity

Denmark has reached 3.2 GW of cumulative installed PV capacity, with 236 MW added in the first quarter of 2023, according to the Danish Energy Agency.


The Hydrogen Stream: Green hydrogen market could hit $850 billion in 2050

Research outfit Rethink Energy says the green hydrogen market could reach $850 billion in value by 2050.


Storing renewables with molten hydroxide salts

Hyme Energy has awarded Semco Maritime an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract for services for the 1.6 MWh Molten Salts Storage (MOSS) Project in Esbjerg, Denmark. The long-duration energy storage plant will charge from the grid and be used to demonstrate and test the molten hydroxide storage technology in a practical setting.


The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen, electricity trade-offs for energy islands

A Scandinavian research team has investigated the best set-up for energy islands, to determine whether they are better achieved with submarine cables or hydrogen infrastructure.


The Hydrogen Stream: China Southern Power connects hydrogen plants to grid

China Southern Power Grid, a state-owned utility, has revealed plans to use alloy materials to store hydrogen.


The Hydrogen Stream: BMW unveils hydrogen car demonstration fleet

BMW has launched its iX5 Hydrogen vehicle pilot fleet, with plans to start production by the end of the decade. Everfuel and Hy24, meanwhile, have launched a joint venture to accelerate hydrogen development in Scandinavia.

Only5mins! – Why 24/7 granularity needs to become the only game in town

Olivier Corradi, the CEO of Electricity Maps, speaks to pv magazine about why 24/7 granular accounting of electricity is key to decarbonization and how the company tracks the carbon intensity of otherwise elusive electrons.

The Hydrogen Stream: Hyundai inches closer to hydrogen engine development

Hyundai Heavy Industries has revealed plans to develop a hybrid engine with more hydrogen by 2023, and a complete hydrogen engine by 2025. Japan, meanwhile, has signed hydrogen-related agreements with Saudi Arabia and Oman.


Danish renewables giant buys Australian megaproject

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners has sharpened its focus on long-duration storage in Australia with the acquisition of the proposed Bowen Renewable Energy Hub project, which is expected to combine 1.4 GW of pumped hydro storage with huge solar and wind generation.


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