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U.S. startup plans perovskite solar factory

Swift Solar, a specialist in perovskite tandem photovoltaics, plans to build a factory in the U.S. in the next two to three years to manufacture thin-film solar.


Commercial perovskite solar modules at SNEC 2024 trade show

China’s Utmo Light showcased its first full perovskite PV module at this week’s SNEC PV trade fair in Shanghai, underscoring the technology’s ongoing shift toward commercialization.


Carbon-based perovskite solar cell relying on phosphorene achieves 15.58% efficiency

The result is the best efficiency ever recorded for a carbon-based PV cell using unconventional hole transporting materials to date. The device was built with a hole transparent layer based on electrochemically produced large-area phosphorene flakes, which reportedly enable the required band energy alignment within the cell.

Carbon electrode-based perovskite solar cell achieves 20.8% efficiency via new lamination tech

A research team in Australia has used a lamination technique known as cold isostatic pressing (CIP) to build a perovksite solar cell based on a flexible bilayer electrode made of carbon and silver that can reportedly compete with gold-carbon eletrode based counterparts in terms of efficiency and stability.

Perovskite solar cell modified with potassium trifluoromethanesulfonate achieves 23.96% efficiency

A Chinese research team has modified the absorber of a conventional perovskite solar cell with potassium trifluoromethanesulfonate (KTFS) and found that the additive improved the device performance and stability. The cell’s perovskite film reportedly showed less lead defects and lower J-V hysteresis.

Researchers build 24.4%-efficient perovskite solar cells with room temperature process

Researchers from the U.S. and South Korea have developed a method to make high-quality perovskite films at room temperature. The film was tested in a conventional perovskite solar cell architecture and the result was a power conversion efficiency of exceeding 24%.

Perovskite tandem PV integrator secures $4.7 million of US funds

The US Department of Energy (DoE) has provided Tandem PV with $4.7 million in funds to advance the commercialization of the company’s thin-film solar technology.

Italian startup develops 20.7%-efficient mini perovskite solar modules with 99.6% geometrical fill factor

Solertix claims to have reduced yield losses in cell-to-module scaling by utilizing ultranarrow interconnection of 19.5 μm. It also says the proposed interconnection technique may be used to achieve a 30% efficiency in area-matched 4T tandem designs featuring a perovskite module over a silicon cell.


Perovskite-cadmium telluride tandem solar cell based on special electrode achieves 24.2% efficiency

An Indian-US research team has fabricated a four-terminal perovskite-cadmium telluride tandem solar cell by utilizing a highly conductive and sputtered transparent electrode to increase the current density of the bottom cell. The tandem device combines a 18.3%-efficient top perovskite cell and a 19.53%-efficient cadmium telluride bottom device.

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Renshine plans GW-scale perovskite PV panel factory

Renshine Solar says it will open a gigawatt-scale perovskite PV module factory in Jiangsu province, with a planned investment of CNY 1 billion ($138 million). In January, it reported that its perovskite solar panels had achieved a power conversion efficiency of 18.4%.

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