Eastern Europe

Hevel energizes another 10 MW solar facility in Russia

The Volgograd Solar Power Plant will sell electricity to Russia’s Wholesale Electricity and Capacity Market.

French company attracts $12.7 million funding for Kazakhstan solar project

France-based Urbasolar SAS has attracted around US$12.7 million in funding for its planned 14 MW solar PV project in Kazakhstan.

Albania’s ERBD-supported 50-100 MW solar auction moves forward

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the country’s Ministry of Energy are now seeking consultants for the implementation of the competitive bidding process.

EU launches initiative to support solar, renewable energy

The Clean Energy Industrial Forum will be part of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package, which is setting the energy strategy of the Old Continent for the period 2020-2030.

Polski Solar to build 10 MW deer-shaped PV plant in Poland

The solar park is being developed as an “energy cluster” in the frame of the recent reform of Poland’s Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Act.

Romania to introduce net metering for solar up to 100 kW

Net metering contracts will have to be signed with the four local power distributors. The new rules will come into force after their publication in the Romanian official journal.

Jufa buys two PV plants totaling 17 MW in Czech Republic

Through this operation, the Czech investment firm has raised the capacity of its PV power plant portfolio to 69 MW.

EU Council emphasizes right of solar self-consumption under new climate target strategy

The EU Council has defined its negotiating strategy for the so-called winter package, with which the EU wants to reach its energy and climate targets. The representatives of member states accepted, inter alia, the right to self-generation and CO2 limits for power plants to be financed through capacity mechanisms.

Armenia on track to commission 10 MW, announce new utility-scale PV quotas

Work is heating up on 10 MW of solar PV plants in Armenia, which were commissioned under a special tariff announced in December 2016. Three MW have already been commissioned, with the rest scheduled for completion in 2018. Additional utility-scale quotas are also set to be published next year.

Hungarian government to encourage uptake of agricultural solar

Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, János Lázár, outlines plan to ease regulations regarding solar installations up to 500 kW installed on small one hectare sites, confirms government will offtake all solar energy produced.