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pumped hydro

Mathematical model to couple pumped hydro with wind and solar in islands

An group of international scientists has developed a mathematical model to design hybrid renewable energy systems relying on pumped hydro storage for islands. According to their analysis, which was applied to the Ometepe island in Nicaragua, a similar system could provide a cost of energy ranging from €0.047/kWh to €0.095/kWh.


Australian coal mine to transform into pumped hydro facility

Australian utility AGL is transforming its operations in a number of ways, from restructuring the company itself, to building energy storage facilities for flexible distribution of renewable energy into the future. The company is also planning to build a pumped-hydro facility at a disused open-cut coal mining site in eastern Australia.


Greece’s recovery plan to invest €10bn in clean energy

The Greek government has published its plan for a post-Covid economic recovery. The strategy aims to mobilize at least €10 billion towards the green energy sector, with the prospect of further EU loans on top.

Australian developer to start building 250 MW pumped hydro plant

Construction is expected to commence in the weeks ahead on the massive 250 MW Kidston Pumped Hydro Storage Project in Queensland, as developer Genex Power has announced a $115 million share issue that will deliver the funds for the project to proceed.


Pumped hydro with desalination, powered by renewables

EDF and Oceanus plan to build a pumped hydro storage station and a desalination system powered by wind and solar. The system will use saltwater to produce hydropower during periods of high demand, while producing affordable freshwater.


Canadian gas giant to build 325 MW pumped hydro project in Australia

Canadian behemoth Atco has purchased the rights to develop the 325 MW Central West Pumped Storage Hydro Project in Central West New South Wales and credits the investment to policy certainty from the NSW Government. As a significant firming agent the project is ideally placed in the state’s proposed Central West-Orana Renewable Energy Zone.

General Electric to build 400 MW pumped-hydro storage project in Australia

A proposed 400 MW pumped-hydro storage project is on track to become the first of its kind in more than three decades in Queensland, Australia. GE Renewable Energy is backing the plan.


Sustainable pumped-hydro across 616,818 sites

Australian researchers have identified more than 600,000 sites suitable for closed-loop pumped-hydro energy storage projects across the globe. “Off-river” pumped-hydro is not only able to overcome the typical topographical issues of conventional pumped-hydro but is also cheaper.


Plans for 50,000 hydrogen-powered taxis in Paris

European electric transmission company body ENTSO-E has unveiled details of a project to install 11 GWh of electrolyzed hydrogen storage capacity across ten locations around the French capital by the end of the decade.


Australian state plans 12 GW of renewables, 2 GW of pumped hydro by 2030

New South Wales has published a new infrastructure plans that brings together targets and policy adjustments, as the state government strives to retire coal-fired generators and fire up the economy.

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