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Solarge launches lightweight PERC modules with low carbon footprint

Dutch solar manufacturer Solarge has unveiled two versions of its lightweight mono-PERC solar panels for rooftop applications. The module have power outputs between 470 W and 520 W and efficiencies ranging from 17.4% to 19.2%.

First attempt to repair glass-damaged solar panels

A Dutch research group has used a series of techniques from the automotive industry to develop a novel methodology to repair glass in double-glass solar panels. Their experimental work represents the step towards transforming glass-damaged solar panels from waste into valuable products.


Dutch regulator warns of EMC issues, hacking risks for solar inverters

Most solar inverters in the Netherlands fail electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements, posing interference risks and raising the threat of hacking, says the National Inspectorate for Digital Infrastructure (RDI).

The Hydrogen Stream: Norway, Finland take the lead in Europe

Plug Power has revealed plans to develop three green hydrogen production plants in Finland, while Statkraft is set to increase its investments in the German hydrogen market.


Solarge opens first large-scale solar production line

Solarge, a Dutch panel manufacturer, says that its new factory will make two types of lightweight mono-PERC panels with low carbon footprints. It says it will design them to be reused at the end of their 25-year lifespans.


Netherlands extends SDE++ program for renewables to overseas territories

The Dutch government says that the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is currently mapping the three islands of Curaçao, Aruba, and Sint Maarten to identify suitable sites for wind and solar deployment. 


New design for 2T perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells with 24.6% efficiency

TU Delft scientists have built a tandem perovskite-silicon solar cell with a new approach to interface engineering. The device has an open-circuit voltage of 1.81 V, a short-circuit current of 18.1 mA/cm2, and a fill factor of 75.0%.

Novel approach to PV-battery-electrolyzer-fuel cell systems

TU Delft scientists have proposed a new methodology for off-grid PV-battery-electrolyzer-fuel cell systems in remote areas.


Netherlands allocates 1.9 GW of PV in 2022 SDE++ round

Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), the Dutch state-run agency that manages the SDE++ program, said that its latest tender round has allocated 1.051 MW of PV capacity for commercial and industrial solar systems, along with 862 MW for utility-scale PV plants to be constructed on land or water.


The Hydrogen Stream: Northern Europe driving hydrogen project development

Dutch and Brazilian ports have signed a cooperation deal involving port development and green hydrogen production, while Thyssenkrupp Nucera has released a new alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) module.

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