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Dutch developer secures funds for flexible floating solar pilot in North Sea

Bluewater Energy Services has won a grant from the Dutch government to build a flexible floating solar demonstration project in the North Sea. The system uses flexible thin-film PV modules and flexible floaters that move with the waves.


Rooftop system with PV panels, mini wind turbines in the Netherlands

Ibis Power has developed a rooftop system that combines solar with wind turbines designed for medium-sized structures and high-rise buildings. It claims its PowerNEST system can produce six to 10 times more energy than standalone rooftop solar. The company has already installed five projects in the Netherlands.


The Hydrogen Stream: Green hydrogen via ammonia decomposition

South Korean scientists have developed a highly selective palladium composite membrane on porous metal supports to cut the ammonia content of the permeated hydrogen stream. Dutch researchers, meanwhile, have presented two alternatives to this strategy – increasing the thickness of the membrane selective layer, or using a purification unit in the permeate of the membranes.


Netherlands changes grid code to reduce congestion, host more renewables

New rules in the Netherlands will allow new entities known as “congestion service providers” as intermediaries between grid operators and power plant operators, in order to make optimal use of the network.


Rolls-Royce to supply largest battery in Netherlands

Rolls-Royce has agreed to install a 30 MW/60 MWh storage system based on nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) batteries in the Netherlands. It will be the country’s largest energy storage system upon completion in spring 2023. It will provide grid frequency regulation services to the Dutch grid.


Low-breakdown-voltage TOPCon IBC solar cells to improve shading tolerance

Scientists in the Netherlands have looked at how TOPCon IBC solar cells could help to reduce the impact of shading on solar modules.


Netherlands selects 2.2 GW of PV projects in new SDE++ round

Solar has dominated the 2022 round of the SDE++ program for large-scale renewable energy projects in the Netherlands, accounting for around 90% of all pre-assigned capacity. About 2,269 MW of PV project proposals have been accepted.


North Sea offshore floating solar project secures funding

A Dutch offshore floating solar consortium has obtained €7.8 million ($8.07 million) to test and develop a solar platform at an offshore wind farm in the North Sea. The 500 kW pilot project is expected to wrap up testing and monitoring by the end of 2024.

Sun-tracking floating solar islands from Portugal

Portugal-based Solaris Float has developed a swiveling floating solar platform with one- or two-axis tracking. It has installed its first project on a lake in the Netherlands. The project consists of 130 PV modules on a single-axis tracker, with an installed capacity of 50.7 kW.


Offshore wind farm in North Sea to host 5 MW floating PV plant

SolarDuck, an offshore solar developer in the Netherlands, has been chosen to build a 5 MW floating PV project with energy storage. It aims to start operations in 2026.


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