China’s air pollution reduces PV production potential by up to 13%

If China could travel back to the 1960s with its current PV generation capacity it could harvest an additional 14 TWh of solar power, according to a study by academics at universities in Switzerland and the Netherlands. With a mixed record for reducing pollution, the country’s solar fleet output appears to be drastically affected by dimmed solar radiation.


Renewables generation cheaper than coal for many power companies – but not yet for Eskom

An investor tool examining the coal fleets of major global power companies has offered up analysis which flies in the face of arguments solar and wind generation could help turn around the debt-saddled South African utility.


Global renewables investment fell in the first half of this year

While Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and Brazil attracted more funds than last year, China’s transition to an auction-based procurement system and slow performance overall in Europe saw worldwide backing decrease. BloombergNEF does expect investments to ramp up in the second half, however.


Growing interest in energy storage for maritime applications

The Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam last week highlighted growing interest in storage technology from the sea vessel industry. Leading global battery manufacturers had their latest charging technologies on display, catering to rising demand for clean, efficient electric and hybrid marine systems.

The first serious solar car is here: Lightyear One

Netherlands-based EV startup Lightyear has released a prototype for its first solar-powered, long-range EV. Is the car really the environmental dream it’s pitched as?


Netherlands introduces soft restrictions for solar parks on agricultural land

The Dutch parliament has approved a motion made by the governing coalition to restrict construction of large scale solar plants on agricultural land but has watered down its provisions. Under the legislation, solar parks will only be permitted on agricultural land in areas where no smaller alternative projects are viable.

Protectionist measures working as Chinese export destinations shift

While the world’s biggest solar manufacturers are confident there are plenty of alternative markets for a rising volume of panel exports, the message spelled out by first-quarter shipment figures is that protectionism works.

Dutch scientists use fluoride to make perovskite solar cells more stable

Researchers claim the cell they have developed is able to retain 90% of its efficiency after 1,000 hours under extreme light and heat conditions.


Organic PV all at sea thanks to new observations

Scientists seeking the next generation of highly efficient PV devices have found inspiration in nature. Researchers from the U.K.’s University of Birmingham and the University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands, examined the light harvesting mechanisms in ocean microalgae that are said to be up to 95% efficient.

Netherlands to issue green bonds worth up to €6 billion

On May 21, the triple-A rated nation will issue 20-year bonds for sustainable investments undertaken by its government. Eligible projects will include large scale renewable energy plants developed under the SDE+ incentive program.


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