Video interview: Will lithium-ion’s battery dominance soon end?


One of the enduring topics of discussion both within and beyond the energy storage industry centers on whether the current dominant battery chemistry – lithium-ion – will remain the de facto choice for stationary storage applications as the industry evolves.

While lithium-ion currently represents a compelling case in terms of cycling, cost and flexibility, rival technologies – most notably flow batteries – are proving their competitive worth in longer duration storage applications.

Florian Mayr, partner at renewable energy advisory firm Apricum, certainly believes that for stationary storage where demand is no longer dominated by short duration applications, flow battery technology is poised to eat into lithium-ion’s market share.

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Mayr explains in this video why lithium-ion had such a head-start in the storage space, and also examines the impact that seasonal storage will have on the industry, and how it will support the growth of more non-battery storage applications.

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