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This year, pv magazine is setting a new editorial agenda. Via our program, UP, we will be diving deep into the topic of what it means to be truly sustainable, looking at what is already being done, and discussing areas for improvement. Over the coming weeks, months, and years, we will share our findings across our various digital platforms, in our print magazines, and via our roundtable events and webinars. Are you UP for it?



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Eckhart Gouras, managing director

My family and I live out in beautiful Potsdam just across the famous Glienicker Bridge dividing Berlin from Potsdam and the German state of Brandenburg. Being out in the suburbs of Berlin we have a garden and a house with a PV array on its roof. We also have a beautiful smartflower parked in the garden, which – like a sunflower – tracks the sun to maximize its energy intake. In combination the rooftop system and the smartflower have a capacity of just under 10 kWp. In the basement of our house we have a Sonnen battery with 8 kWh of storage capacity. And in our garage we have even more batteries in the form of an electric car. I use this EV to commute to work in Berlin and despite the electricity required to charge this car, we were able to use home-grown clean electricity to power 72% of our consumption last month (April 2019). We also maintain our own vegetable garden, so we are also practicing sustainability and “distributed generation” when it comes to the food we eat. I enjoy the work we do at pv magazine and it is satisfying to see firsthand what PV, storage and electric vehicles can do to lower your carbon footprint and cut emissions. We surely can do more and I will continue to be on the lookout for new technologies we can harness to make for a more sustainable life.

Preeti Verma Lal, India editor

Here are my own little ways to make the world sustainable: turning plastic bottles into hanging flower pots, I make my own herbal shampoo, traditional face wash (to not use chemicals), herbal hair oil, use vegan butter sourced from local farmers, recycle clothes into bags to give out in the neighborhood so that people stop using plastic bags.

Christian Roselund, US editor

I am a year-round bicycle commuter and I and my son actively avoid buying or using things that involve disposable plastic. This means not only buying different things and shopping in different places, but in some cases either giving things up (most types of cheese) or making things that we can't buy a plastic-free version of, such as laundry soap and sunscreen

Becky Beetz, Head of Content

The topic of sustainability has interested me for many years and I actively try to walk the talk. This includes buying second hand and/or organic products like clothing, food and home interior items. Recently, I launched a sustainability working group at my children’s kindergarten to raise awareness of these issues among the children and their parents; and I write on green issues via my personal blog, OTHeR LIVES. I came across the term cradle to cradle early last year and it struck me how much potential there is to apply this, and the concept of the circular economy, to the solar and storage industries. The result is UP, a new editorial agenda focused on bringing true sustainability to the fore. We are very excited at pv magazine to begin this new journey and are hopeful that you too, will join UP and tread the new path with us!

Max Hall, Online editor

I’ve been trying to fly less to keep a hold on my carbon footprint. For instance, on our honeymoon, I persuaded my wife to join me in passing up our once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the Amazon because, having made the long-haul flights to reach South America, I wanted to keep in-holiday flights to a minimum. I also try to avoid flying when travelling within Europe, and Omio appears to finally be a website where you enter the start and finish rail locations and it does the rest! There's much more we can do, but we never buy red meat to eat at home and we are likely to purchase an electric Vespa – our only form of private transport – when we move to Genoa in three weeks' time.

Francesco Tedesco, Sales Manager (Italy)

After I got my degree in Environmental Engineering I realized that the best way to put my knowledge in practice was to join Greenpeace Italy. I was in charge of Greenpeace Energy and Climate Campaign from 2006 until 2009 and I'm honored I was part of the movement that succeeded in blocking the so called "coal renaissance" in Italy. Following this, I joined the PV industry to give my contribution to the clean energy revolution by installing one photovoltaic kW at a time. Since 2010, I have been able to install around 800 MW of small PV power plants in the Lombardy Region!

Andrea Jeremias, Chief Sales Officer

Working in the solar and storage industries, consuming less and having an ecological mindset already gives one a good feeling. In the past few years, however, frightening news on climate change and plastic pollution worldwide has grown and I feel we must now change the status quo. I am very happy to see a Swedish teenager standing up to the political fogging of pressing problems that need to be solved, just in saying: I want you to panic, NOW! What a relief. Internally, we are discussing how pv magazine can contribute, by questioning the sustainability of our own industry and inspiring a more sustainable roadmap in each sector. As sales director, I saw the chance for us to grow our reputation and also to create business fields, where we can highlight in event formats and features the joint efforts of our industry to ban greenwashing and bring quality to the next level. Ideally, we aim to develop a kind of codex or scorecard, where each UPrising company can document the level of sustainability reached. I´m very proud of our new UP campaign and cannot wait to collect partners committed to UPRISING solar!

Alithea Joseph, Events and Special Projects Manager

I feel very passionate about reducing my negative impact to the planet, and from my experience small steps are the most effect for maintaining positive actions. I have been vegan for almost 4 years, which as an individual, according to respected scientists, is the best way we can to dramatically reduce our CO2 emissions and deforestation. Since choosing veganism I have saved 27,267 pounds of CO2, 40,177 square feet of forest, 60,265 pounds of grain and a whooping 1,473,144 gallons of water!! Not to mention, 1339 animals, which for me is a contributing factor, as well as my own wellbeing and health. As a vegan we have the reputation of being a bit preachy, and it is true! We can’t help it! I say this in jest, as I am by no means perfect, and this year I am also working towards to zero waste and rejecting fast fashion, by buying only second hand clothes, and carrying various containers with me.

Erica Johnson, Managing Editor

With climate change now impacting every continent on the planet, we are currently experiencing the greatest challenge that humanity has faced. While I have dedicated all of my life’s professional work to environmental sustainability, my greatest contribution toward addressing climate change has been in advocacy. While innovation in clean and smart technologies are steering us in the right direction, we need swift action. We are running out of time. Policies and regulation must accompany the clean energy transition that is being realized based on business-economics in order to carry us toward a sustainable future. I make phone calls and write letters to state officials, members of the U.S. legislative body, and even the EPA. With Trump in office on an anti-climate action policy platform, it is really important to apply pressure locally and at the state level. I use social media to encourage my network to step up and do the same. A lot of cities have developed their own 100% renewable energy plans – which shows what is possible through political engagement. There is voting power in your voice, and a phone call or letter from a constituent can go a long way.

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