UK: Supermarket roofs host 6.9 MW

20. March 2012 | Markets & Trends, Applications & Installations | By:  Jonathan Gifford

British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has installed 6.9 megawatts (MW) across its stores in the south of England. Renewable Resources completed the installations and heralded their completion at the Ecobuild trade show, which opened its doors today in London.

A shopping center roof, with some terrace houses in the background, on a small hill.

Renewable Resources will be displaying commercial rooftop solutions with membrane manufacturer Sika, at the Ecobuild trade show which opens today.

The 6.9 MW comprised of 115 x 50 to 150 kilowatt (kW) systems. No alterations to the buildings were required to facilitate the photovoltaic installations.

Renewable Resources said, in a statement announcing the project’s completion, that the tight time frame required to meet feed in tariff (FIT) deadlines was a major challenge. "Our committed team of expert engineers and strong partnerships with key roofing membrane and solar PV panel suppliers allowed us to install a typical 50 kW system in less than three days – just half of the market average time," said Chief Executive Paul Gribben.

At Ecobuild 2012, Renewable Resources will be discussing developments in the commercial roof market with its partner Sika, which is a roofing membrane manufacturer.

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