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RES to supply battery storage solutions to the UK grid

RES energy storage system

Renewable Energy Systems worked in tandem with Great Britain’s National Grid to create battery energy systems that can provide sub-second frequency response services.

U.S. DOE: Solar PV can meet 25%+ of annual demand without major intervention

The Energy Department has released eight reports dealing with issues as varied as reaching higher penetrations of solar on the grid, technology improvements and strategies to bring down costs.

Manz AG’s energy storage segment drives growth in Q1

Manz AG FPD equipment

German hi-tech equipment manufacturer Manz AG posted promising first quarter financial results, as revenues rise 19.5%, mainly driven by a significant increase in its energy storage segment.

Vermont utility begins installations of Tesla Powerwall for customers

Green Mountain Power says the batteries will provide benefits both for customers and the grid.

Total to acquire storage developer Saft for USD 1.1 billion

Total is creating a fourth business segment to cover gas, renewables and power

French oil giant Total is purchasing all of Saft's shares, as it aims to enter the energy storage market and boost its development in the renewable sector.

Enphase Energy launches its Enphase AC Battery in Australia and New Zealand

Enphase distributors are now taking orders in Australia and New Zealand for its Enphase AC Battery.

The two countries will be the first region in the world where the California-based company will be selling its Enphase Home Energy Solution, as it continues to expand into international markets.

S&C completes 7 MW solar energy storage in Ohio

A solar+storage system, which includes a 7 MW lithium ion energy storage connected to 4.3 MW solar plant, was officially unveiled in Minster, Ohio.

SolarCity to offer utility-scale solar and grid services for utilities

The largest distributed solar provider in the United States has moved into utility-scale, and is now offering grid services as well through battery storage and its software platform.

The pv magazine weekly news digest

Is there anything that could boost customer interest for residential solar more than selling PV at IKEA?

IKEA starts selling home PV systems; First Solar reports solid year-to-year growth in Q1; Solar Impulse returns to the skies. Good news is not boring in the solar world.

Second-generation Powervault energy storage systems launched in the UK

Powervault system installed in a home in the U.K.

The new product range, with enhanced features, has been launched at the same time as a Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign offering the opportunity to invest in the company as the storage market is expected to grow exponential.

Tesla prepares for major growth in U.S. behind-the-meter energy storage in 2016

GTM Research analysis of a Tesla filing shows that the company expects to sell a larger volume of batteries to Tesla than was represented by the entire behind-the-meter market last year.

Senate passes energy bill with benefits for solar and renewable energy integration

Solar is not a main feature of the bill that passed the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, but the legislation does contain perks for solar, as well as measures to study grid modernization and energy storage.

Alice Springs: Solar city at centre of a fossil fuel controversy

Alice Springs Solar

Renewables have been erroneously blamed for a number of blackouts in Australia, which were actually the result of failing network equipment and fossil fuel generators.

Solar Impulse 2 ready to resume its round-the-world mission

Solar Impulse 2 during a maintenance flight in Hawaii

The solar-powered aircraft is back in “mission mode” after a 9-month hiatus, with more motivation within the team to “demonstrate that modern clean technologies can achieve the impossible.”

Study: “second-life” EV batteries to offer 1 TWh capacity by 2030

After 7 years, an old electric car battery can be successfully reused as an alternative energy storage for another decade

The reuse of batteries originally built for electric cars can offer up to 1000 GWh storage capacity worldwide by 2030, while driving further cost decline for solar and storage technologies.

E.ON releases its home storage system, to add to a growing German market

The E.ON Aura system.

The German energy supplier released its all-in-one PV panel, storage device, energy app, and green electricity tariff today, to rival other prominent solar energy storage products in Germany’s fast-growing battery market.

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