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pv magazine and SolarPV.TV have joined forces to bring you a more holistic PV news service. Each week a new newscast will be available to watch. Additionally, we will be offering videos of Solarpraxis conference sessions, and other interesting events and industry topics. Stay tuned!

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SPI Chicago 2013

SolarPV.TV & pv-magazine Executive Panel: Executives from Power-One and ABB discuss the recent acquisition and their plans to become a global leader in the solar inverter market. Guest speakers include Antti Suontausta, ABB's group vice president; Alex Levran, president, Renewable Energy Solutions, Power One; and Paolo Casini, vice president marketing, Power One.



Intersolar Europe 2013

SolarPV.TV & pv-magazine Executive Panel: European market strategies in the face of the EU anti-dumping trade case

pv magazine Editor-in-Chief Hans-Christoph Neidlein and Tomasz Slusarz, CEO of SolarPV.TV, speak to representatives of Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, CSUN, Renesola, JA Solar and IHS Solar.



SNEC 2013, Shanghai

SolarPV.TV & pv-magazine Executive Panel: New Solar Technologies.

Representatives from DuPont, Coveme, SEMI PV Group and SCHMID discuss cutting-edge innovations.


Intersolar Europe 2013

SolarPV.TV & pv-magazine Executive Panel: Solar PV inverter technologies and markets in a dynamically changing solar business landscape

Our panelists included representatives from GTM Research, Sungrow, Power One, Platinum and Santerno.


SNEC 2013

SolarPV.TV & pv-magazine Executive Panel: Shift of the solar business towards emerging markets -- challenges and opportunities


Turkey's PV market

Directly from Istanbul: Turkey's solar PV market is finally set to boom -- representatives from CSUN, Jinko, ALKOR, Sisecam, SOLEOS, Tigo, Li-DER, ALFA Solar and Franken Solar offer their views on successful entry strategies.

Focus France

During Salon des Energies Renouvelables 2013 leading French and international companies, including Enerplan, Solairedirect and LDK Solar, were asked if the self-consumption market will spur new growth in the French PV market.

PV Cycle

During the 3rd International Conference on PV Module Recycling, organized by PV Cycle in Rome, the question of whether 100% PV recycling is possible was raised. The WEEE directive's influence on PV recycling was also discussed.

Energy Storage Summit

Jeremy Rifkin, founder and president of the Foundation on Economic Trends, addresses the delegates at this year's Energy Storage Summit in an inspiring keynote speech.

PV challenges and perspectives in the UK

Jerry Stokes and executives from Solarcentury, Rexel, Suntech and Jinko Solar discuss the challenges and perspectives in U.K., both from a short- and long-term perspective.

Focus UK: Challenges 2013

Solar Business 2.0 not yet in Great Britain; Will the EU anti-dumping case harm the UK solar PV market? U.K. companies British Gas, Rexel, Alternergy, EH Smith; Jinko Solar; and Power One discuss.

WFES: Opportunities and challenges

Solar companies, including Jinko Solar, Masdar and Schneider Electric discuss the PV opportunities and challenges in the Gulf Countries and MENA region at this year’s World Future Energy Summit.

Forum Solarpraxis: 2013 perspectives

Will the solar trade and price wars continue? What will be the major markets in 2013? Will it be another year of solar shakeouts?

Forum Solarpraxis, CEO panel

One of the most exciting moments at the 13th Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin was the CEO Panel moderated by Solarpraxis CEO, Karl-Heinz Remmers titled, Future of the PV industry: What comes after the price war? Strategies for structural change. The panelists include: Alexander Kirsch, Centrosolar Group AG; Ben Hill, Trina Solar Limited; Lars Podlowski, Solon Energy GmbH; Milan Nitzschke, SolarWorld AG; and Gregory Spanoudakis, Canadian Solar.

REI: Access to money in India – Is mission impossible looking possible?

Moderator: Hans-Christoph Neidlein, Editor in Chief of pv magazine. Speakers: Mukesh Agarwal, SBI Capital Markets, Vice President; Craig O'Connor, Export-Import Bank USA, Office of Renewable Energy Environmental Exports, Director; Nithin Kaimal, IDFC Private Equity, Director; and Vineeth Vijayaraghavan, Panchabuta, Founder & Editor.

Focus India - A solution driven PV market as opposed to policy or subsidy driven

During RE Energy India 2012, together with pv magazine and Bridge to India, SolarPV.TV organized the Executive Panel Discussion in which panelists were discussing a topic: A solution driven PV market as opposed to policy or subsidy driven. Moderator: Tobias Engelmeier, Managing Director and Founder at Bridge to India. Speakers: Chiranjeev Saluja, Premier Solar Systems, Managing Director; Navratan Katariya, AVP Solar Business, Sterling & Wilson; Charlie Gay, Applied Materials Solar Division, President; and Hareon Solar, Ritwik Ghosh, Business & Investment Director.

Successful business strategies for entering the US market

The U.S. is a future key market for many solar companies worldwide. However, it is a complex market that requires a great deal of detailed knowledge. A number of major industry players, including Chint, DuPont and  SolarWorld were asked for their advice on developing successful business strategies.

300 GW/a initiative

Watch the launch of pv magazine and Solarpraxis' 300 GW/a initiative at EU PVSEC 2012. Speakers include Prof. Eicke Weber and Karl-Heinz Remmers.

PV challenges

What are the opportunities and challenges for the PV industry as it moves toward the high penetration? EPIA, Suntech, IEA PVPS, ENEL, EDF EN, AT Kearney, LDK, Fraunhofer ISE disuss.

What is a fair price for solar PV electricity?

Gaëtan Masson, Head of Business Intelligence at EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) discusses.

Back to the future: Solar PV business in a post-incentive era

Moderator: Tomasz Slusarz, CEO, Solar PV Consulting
Panelists: Arturo Herrero, Jinko Solar, Chief Marketing Officer; Constantino Nicolau, PanelClaw, President; Doug Payne, SolarTech, Executive Director; Eric C. Romano, Dupont Photovoltaic Solutions, Strategic Marketing Manager; Roger G. Little, Spire, Founder and CEO; and Sam Wilkinson, IMS Research (IHS), Senior Analyst.

A roundup from PV Rome

The role of marketing, sales, and PR in expanding the US solar industry

Moderator: Stephen Torres, founder and MD of PV Solar Report
Panelists: Patrick Crane, CDO, Sungevity (fromer VP marketing of LinkedIn and Yahoo), Jonathan Bass, senior director of communications, SolarCity, Caroline Venza, executive VP, Antenna Group, and Mathew Woods, VP and GM, regional business, REC Solar.


Dynamics, policy, financing, and costs in the US residential PV market

Moderator: Stephen Torres, founder and MD of PV Solar Report
Panelists: Craig Lawrence, VP of sales, SolarBridge Technologies, Ken Button, co-founder and president, Verengo Solar, and Deep Chakroborty, president and CEO, Centrosolar America.


Intersolar Europe 2012 panel discussion

Industry experts discuss the solar shakeout and antidumping trade case below:

Women in Solar luncheon at Intersolar Europe 2012

How to encourage more women to join the solar industry?

Solarexpo 2012 coverage

Interview with Gaëtan Masson from EPIA at the CIS

Executive panel: Future trends in inverter and system technology

Reportage on prospective for solar business in US in 2012

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With over 530 participants and 45 exhibitors, the International Summit for Energy Storage 2013 came to a successful close on March 19, in Düsseldorf, Germany. Read about it in the following links:

Intersolar Europe 2012 drew to a close on Friday, June 15. In addition to speaking to a number of experts to see what they expected from the inaugural event, pv magazine published a plethora of new product announcements and tradeshow reports.

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The fourth Conferenza dell'Industria Solare – Italia 2012 (CIS), which came to an end on February 24, in Italy’s Rome, proved to be a huge success. Italian photovoltaic players remain strong, and approached the handling of the difficult solar market situation in a solution-oriented way. Innovation was the watchword du jour.

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The Inverter and PV System Technology Forum – USA 2012, held from February 27 to 28 in San Francisco, the U.S., took a closer look at the interaction between the electrical components of a photovoltaic system, in particular at the inverter and monitoring components which form the interface between the modules and the grid. 

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