Energy Storage Europe

In cooperation with the Energy Storage Europe exhibition, to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany, this March 13 to 15, pv magazine has prepared an Energy Storage special publication. It will be distributed along with the February edition of pv magazine, and at the exhibition.

This year, we’ve asked leading industry players, researchers – and ourselves – just what are the key questions that often go unanswered when it comes to storage? While people want to know about price and functionality, there are gaps and blind-spots in people’s knowledge on matters concerning battery chemistries, recycling concerns, and business models.

The 30-page special issue tackles these questions, and sheds light on the shaded parts of the storage sector. Issues addressed include:

· Top 10 Innovations in Energy Storage: A jury of respected independent experts have reviewed and ranked the leading battery products, storage services and sector innovations for 2018. Who has taken top spot?
· Flexible sector coupling: An examination of how storage technology can prove its worth in delivering a more flexible electricity future.
· Lithium-ion vs. redox flow: While the former may be the more dominant technology currently, why is redox flow technology beginning to corner more market share?
· Production in Europe: Battery cell production at scale is dominated by Asia, but European ambitions are far from dead – and moves are afoot to scale up production across the continent.
· Large-scale storage and solar: Exploring the synergies – tapped and untapped – of collocating large-scale storage with solar power.
· Expert debate: A panel of respected storage experts gather to share their thoughts on a range of questions and topics concerning the energy storage industry.

If you’ve joined the Energy Storage Europe event as an exhibitor after January 10, don’t hesitate to contact pv magazine to participate in our online ‘Highlights’ section, which will be published here at the beginning of March. Email Cornelia Lichter (link to email: for more details!