The Smarter E


Electromobility, energy management, battery storage, and solar power generation are increasingly aimed at similar target groups, and this is also set to be the case at The smarter E Europe.

The smarter E Europe is the continent’s largest platform for the energy industry and is bringing together four exhibitions from May 15–17, 2019:
Intersolar Europe – The world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry
ees Europe – Europe’s largest and most-visited exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems
Power2Drive Europe – The international exhibition for charging infrastructure and e-mobility
EM-Power – The exhibition for intelligent energy use in industry and buildings

The whole spectrum of the industry will be covered, offering visitors a comprehensive overview of trends, technologies and innovative concepts for the new energy world.

The organizer Solar Promotion GmbH expects 50,000 visitors and 1,300 exhibitors on more than 100,000 sqm to attend the three day show.

The exhibition comprising Intersolar Europe and ees Europe will begin as usual on a Wednesday, and this year it kicks off on May 15. pv magazine is cooperating with organizer, Solar Promotion GmbH to compile in advance news and reports about products and services expected to be unveiled at the event, and will later in the fall publish a special section about these emerging and growing trends of the new energy world.

In anticipation of The smarter E, we have identified products that make it clear how the four fields come together. From a broad and exciting range, we have selected a number of cross-segment innovations.

Among those chosen include a battery power pack designed to provide electricity for festivals; a network buffer for electric filling stations – which can be combined with solar systems; an energy management platform that can be used for both small solar systems and large commercial plants, and an energy management system that network operators can adopt and adapt for their customers.

Scroll down to discover the full list of products that have made the list.

The way in which the segments merge is also demonstrated by the fact that the various products and concepts cannot easily be confined to one segment alone. Accordingly, this also applies to the customer groups: Over one million solar system owners are an excellent group to tap if a company is looking for a ready-made electric vehicle (EV) target group.

The conference is also divided into the same segments of the four individual trade fairs, and begins a day before the exhibition, on Tuesday June 19. At the ees conference, for example, the discussion on business models for energy storage will continue, including a session on Wednesday on cloud and community models with Senec, EWE and the startup, gridX.

At the Intersolar conference, companies will discuss financing options for off-grid on the opening day. On Wednesday, a session on “Floating PV – the Next Big Thing?” Will take place, while experts will be discussing charging stations at the Power2Drive conference on Tuesday.

Below is a handpicked snapshot of just some of the new devices, products and technologies that will be on display at the Smarter E:


Consumption with ABB
Product: REACT 2
Solution: 90% electric-self sufficiency in the home
Description: The REACT 2 from Swiss power electronics firm ABB is a solar inverter that includes a high-voltage lithium ion battery that has a modular storage capacity ranging from 4 kWh to 12 kWh, enabling home owners to size their system to reduce their reliance on the grid. The 200 V battery can increase system efficiency by up to 10% more than lower-voltage alternatives typically at 48 V. The product has a quick plug-and-play design, is aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and compatible with ABB’s free@home system access point, which allows consumers to control their heating, lighting, music, even EV charging and solar consumption, from an app on their phone.

Storage and distribution with ads-tec
: HPC booster and HPC dispenser
Solution: Fast and high-power charging in the low-voltage grid
Description: Germany’s ads-tec will unveil a broad portfolio of energy storage and distribution solutions at The Smarter E hub in June, and pv magazine has identified two products that are particularly noteworthy: its new high power charging (HPC) booster and dispenser for e-mobility. The HPC booster comprises battery, inverter, climate control, energy management and secure communications unit to store electricity, while the HPC dispenser is a fast-charging station that has a charging capacity of up to 320 kW, delivering a driving range of several hundred kilometres on just a few minutes’ charge.

Storage with Alfen
Product: TheBattery
Solution: Portable peak power
Description: At the recent Awakenings dance event in Amsterdam, Dutch firm Alfen launched its mobile festival storage solution. Alfen’s TheBattery powered the dance event, providing the required peak power for the event’s lights and sound. Silent and clean battery power in combination with renewable energy sources such as solar or wind can increasingly compete with the traditional diesel generators that are being used at events. Alfen’s transportable storage solution is uniquely positioned to be deployed at temporary locations such as festivals or construction sites.

Distribution with eeMobility
Product: EV charging
Solution: Clean and green billing
Description: eeMobility is a German firm that provide EV charging services. They support companies in the introduction of e-mobility as well as the development of sustainable charging solutions. A key part of eeMobility’s service is its simple and legally compliant billing – as a green electricity supplier, the company can guarantee 100% C02-free certified green electricity. Furthermore, its digital business model intelligently links the energy transition and e-mobility to the benefit of its customers.

Generation with GP Joule
Product: Phlegon Mover single axis tracker
Solution: Cost-effective PV tracking
Description: The GP Joule Phlegon Mover is a single-axis tracker that delivers optimum alignment with the sun at all times of day, bringing up to 25% additional yield without significant extra costs. The Phlegon tracker uses heavy-duty linear actuators that intelligently integrate sophisticated German-engineered control systems. Cost-effective, GP Joule claims that the tracker utilizes up to 50% fewer piles than competing trackers, has the lowest fastener count, and offers the easiest ground maintenance access in the industry.

Distribution and consumption with GridSense
Product: GridSense Utilities
Solution: Turnkey energy management
Description: GridSense, a Zurich-based energy intelligence and control provider, will introduce at the Smarter E hub a new turnkey solution to the professional audience; one that enables utilities to expedite their transformation from traditional energy suppliers to digital service provider for end customers. GridSense energy management system uses AI to optimize the energy flow of a consumer, aggregating useful information on consumption and production patterns and forecasting ways for utilities to better up-sell or cross-sell their services.

Consumption and distribution with Senec
Product: Cloud to Go
Solution: Energy management on the move
Description: The Cloud to Go by German storage specialists Senec is the latest iteration of the groundbreaking SENEC.Cloud, which allows homeowners of solar PV systems to and Senec batteries to self-consume and store their energy. The Cloud to Go app widens this service to enable consumers to include the EV in the service. Not only can an EV be charged with the solar energy generated at home, but the device also allows users to ‘Plugsurf’ through Europe and identify, use and pay for electricity at charging stations across the country. Senec says that it is the first company to directly connect PV production with e-mobility.

Consumption with SMA
Product: ennexOS SMA
Solution: Automated energy management
Description: Germany’s SMA has developed a new energy and portfolio management device that it claims can provide the foundation for a holistic, automated solution for consuming and monitoring electricity. The ennexOS SMA will combine all energy sectors (mobility, heating, cooling and electricity) on one platform and provide solutions for cross-sector energy management. It can can be applied in residential, commercial and utility scale applications and will help to significantly reduce energy costs, says SMA.

Distribution with sonnen
Product: sonnenCharger
Solution: A more flexible grid using EVs
Description: Storage solutions pioneer sonnen is showcasing at The Smarter E hub a new smart-charging wallbox that allows EVs to be fuelled directly using PV or energy stored in the sonnenBatterie. However, the unique feature of the sonnenCharger is how it connects EVs to the sonnenCommunity ,thus making EVs a part of sonnen’s virtual power plant, which consists of clean energy sources, sonnenBatteries and a network of sonnenCommunity members. The sonnenCharger makes energy from solar generation accessible for EVs and frees drivers from the grid, while also integrating the EVs to offer flexible load to the network.