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Stella the Stargazer – the latest in a trend of luxury, solar-powered getaways

On the back of Covid-19 lockdowns, geopolitical energy concerns, a cost-of-living crisis, and congested cities, some people are looking for alternate ways of living, while others are just looking for an cozy getaway that doesn’t come with a Sasquatch-sized carbon footprint. Enter Stella the Stargazer, a solar-powered holiday destination that makes off-grid living the lap of luxury.


Only5mins! – How a floating solar-powered artificial leaf generates synthetic fuels

University of Cambridge researcher Dr Virgil Andrei sits down with pv magazine  to discuss an innovative ultra-thin film device capable of generating clean synthetic fuels while floating merrily on the River Cam. 

Only5mins! – Above and beyond

United Kingdom-based Above’s founder and CEO Will Hitchcock sits down with pv magazine to discuss the solar industry’s growing demand for drone-based aerial inspection and data analysis, the game changing utility of digital twins, and what the future holds for autonomous drone programs. 

Weekend Read: Light weight

When it comes to gravity batteries, pumped-hydro storage is the gold standard, but its cost and topography-specific limitations are driving innovations ranging from freight-train braking to super-dense liquids. We consider whether any of the new technologies can punch above their weight.


Only5mins! – Why 24/7 granularity needs to become the only game in town

Olivier Corradi, the CEO of Electricity Maps, speaks to pv magazine about why 24/7 granular accounting of electricity is key to decarbonization and how the company tracks the carbon intensity of otherwise elusive electrons.

German machinery unlocks onsite transmission line recycling in Australia

Australian grid operator Transgrid has partnered with German machinery manufacturer Zeck for the use of its innovative steel separation tech. Zeck’s machine can process electricity transmission lines into a recycle-ready state onsite. Previously, Transgrid sent old transmission lines offshore for this process at a much higher cost.

Australia regretting belated transition as IRA sparks global race for renewables

When US President Joe Biden signed the $369 billion Inflation Reduction Act into law in August, it was lauded as the world’s most significant policy to combat climate change. However, some international critics and competitors claim the landmark bill thwarts their plans to foster green manufacturing at home. Australia is one country realizing that it may have already been left behind.


Only5mins! – Wind and solar hybridization

Joachim Steenstrup, head of public affairs for Denmark-based Eurowind Energy, speaks to pv magazine about hybrid solar-wind projects, why the hybridization trend makes financial sense, and how PV-wind hybrid installations are the building blocks for the “energy centers” of the future.


Only5mins! – Australia’s key minerals will make it a green energy superpower

Tim Buckley, director of Climate Energy Finance, speaks to pv magazine about the crisis threatening Adani Group with collapse, the “positive outlook” for Australian renewables, and the nation’s potential to become a clean energy superpower.


Only5mins! – Monetizing energy storage

Storage Hub founder Oliver Schmidt speaks with pv magazine about his outlook for battery energy storage pricing and the cost trajectory of electrolyzers. Schmidt’s new book, “Monetizing Energy Storage – A toolkit to assess future cost and value,” will be published by Oxford University Press in June.

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