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Solar powers novel green hydrogen fuel technology

A homegrown technology developed by the University of Newcastle and Southern Green Gas has seen the development of a novel green hydrogen fuel and carbon-neutral green methane. The fuel was demonstrated in Hyundai’s Nexo hydrogen fuel cell SUV in Sydney.


Solar PV driving green hydrogen to undercut gas, says BloombergNEF

BloombergNEF has shown that solar PV is the key driver of declining green hydrogen costs. The forecast shows costs falling by 85% by 2050, undercutting natural gas and blue and gray hydrogen production.


Australian utility to build floating PV plant, 200 MW battery

AGL Energy has revealed plans for a floating PV project at its Loy Yang power station in Victoria, Australia. The energy giant is already producing brown hydrogen for export to Japan, and has applied for a 200 MW battery at the Loy Yang site.


Australian scientists achieve breakthrough with renewably powered carbon capture

Australian scientists have achieved a new breakthrough in carbon capture and storage. Their novel electrochemical process can store carbon dioxide in water with the power of solar or wind, while also producing by-products such as green hydrogen and calcium carbonate – perhaps the key to decarbonizing the cement industry.


New deals in Australia’s growing redox flow battery sector

Redflow has agreed to supply biowaste specialist Anaergia with a 2 MWh energy storage system, while Perth-based Technology Metals has signed a deal with Japan’s LE System to potentially make vanadium electrolyte in Australia.

Neoen secures first approval for hybrid wind-solar-storage project in Australia

Neoen has secured planning approval for the first stage of its gigantic $2.3 billion Goyder South project in Australia. The French renewables company has also revealed plans to exceed 10 GW of global capacity by 2025.

Australian port to host massive PV array, hydrogen plant

London-based Eco Energy World plans to combine a 300 MW solar project in Australia with a 200 MW hydrogen plant and 100 MW of energy storage to export green hydrogen to the global market.


Australia expects 100,000 tons of waste PV modules by 2035

Researchers at the University of South Australia are spearheading a national push to establish a stewardship scheme to manage the impacts of PV systems through their life cycle, as increasing numbers of decommissioned solar PV modules threaten a waste management nightmare.

Australian regulator credits renewables for electricity price decline

The Australian Energy Regulator says that investments in renewables and rooftop solar uptake are driving the ongoing decline in electricity prices.

Global hydrogen project pipeline expected to exceed $300 billion by 2030

A new report from the Hydrogen Council has estimated that the current hydrogen project pipeline, if realized, would exceed investments of $300 billion by 2030. The report comes amid an acceleration in hydrogen project announcements worldwide and great expectation of hydrogen’s potential in the energy transition.