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1 kg balcony solar module you can install yourself

German startup We Do Solar is gearing up to deliver its first balcony solar modules to customers in the next three weeks. pv magazine caught up with one of the founders at Intersolar Europe 2022 to learn more about the kit, which features a 1.6 kg flexible solar module people can install themselves, and three innovative business models.


The weekend read: EU solar manufacturing – The time is now

European solar manufacturing is back on the agenda after over a decade of minimal activity. Ambitious proposals are in place to reactivate a booming industry with investment earmarked, factories planned, sustainability goals announced, and political strategies outlined to support the projected growth of PV installations. Can these plans be realized? The UP Initiative will spend the second quarter delving into this question.


Sonnenstromfabrik plans 300MW solar module line in Germany with patented REC tech

Under a new partnership, Sonnenstromfabrik is expanding its solar module manufacturing operations in Germany with the addition of a new 300MW line. It will use REC Group’s patented split cell and junction box technology in its new PERC products.


EU leading PV technology innovation, plans for 100GW solar manufacturing capacity by 2030

Plans to reestablish a thriving European solar manufacturing base are underway. As part of the UP Initiative’s upcoming Q2 2022 theme on the topic, pv magazine spoke to Johan Lindahl, secretary general of the European Solar Manufacturing Council to understand the challenges and opportunities for domestic manufacturers, and to discover how they could reach the target of forming a full 100GW solar value chain by 2030.

Stepping UP in 2021: #4 Urban solar

Buildings are key to our daily lives and significantly impact our health and wellbeing. The majority also have substantial carbon footprints, employing heavy use of fossil fuels across their lifetimes, from their construction, use, and demolition phases. Thus, in Q4 2021, pv magazine’s UP Initiative focused on the role solar and energy storage can play in greening the world’s urban spaces.


First Li-ion battery rolls off Northvolt’s Swedish production line

In what has been described as a European first, Northvolt announces that the first lithium-ion battery has rolled off the production line at its Swedish manufacturing facility in Skellefteå.


Stepping UP in 2021: #3 Sustainable electricity and corporates’ critical solar role

Despite the global Covid-19 pandemic and recession, corporate purchases of clean energy are booming. Several factors are driving this trend, including falling costs, a heightened appetite for sustainability among consumers and investors, and increased political will for net-zero development. In recognition of this, the UP Initiative spent Q3 2021 investigating sustainable electricity supply. How are PPA models evolving? What are the critical issues around residual energy? And how can greenwashing be avoided? Read on to discover more.

Stepping UP in 2021: #2 Solar workers’ rights and leading by positive example

There is increasing pressure, globally, for companies to be held more accountable, particularly when it comes to sustainability and just working conditions, and this topic is only growing in importance. With this in mind, pv magazine’s UP Initiative spent Q2 2021 looking at what solar and energy storage companies could do to lead by positive example when it comes to the workers, often far removed, involved in the production of their products and services.


Stepping UP in 2021: #1 How agri-PV could address two of the biggest sustainability challenges of our times

2021 marked the second year of pv magazine’s UP Initiative where we shined a spotlight on sustainability in the solar industry. Over the course of 12 months, we focused on four key issues. First up was agrivoltaics – the combination of agriculture and solar energy – in recognition of this emerging market. The goal was to understand the potential benefits and economic, political, and technical challenges of such an innovative partnership. Read on to discover our coverage from this quarterly theme and watch out over the coming days for the topics of Workers’ rights, Sustainable electricity and corporates’ critical solar role, and Urban Solar.


PVH supplies trackers to 300 MW PV project in Saudi Arabia

PV Hardware (PVH) is supplying its PV trackers to China Energy Engineering Group (CEEC) for a 300 MW PV project in Rabigh, Mecca.

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