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20 January 2015 | Martin Schachinger | Comment now

10-year market review

Martin Schachinger of pvXchange looks back at the last 10 years that have passed since pvXchange was established, offering a review of the very unsettled development of the German and European photovoltaic market since 2004.

20 January 2015 | Gary Glisson | Comment now

Administrative hurdles raise bar on quick resolution of US-China PV products trade dispute

Gary Glisson of U.S. law firm Stoel Rives LLP examines the challenges facing a negotiated settlement between the two countries.

15 January 2015 | Jasmeet Khurana | Comment now

The time for investing in renewable powered storage in India is here

India's growing renewable power capacity is set to open up a major market for new storage technologies that reshape the country's energy sector, says Bridge to India's Jasmeet Khurana.

06 January 2015 | Finlay Colville | Comment now

Top 5 trends that may define PV sector in 2015

Finlay Colville, former vice president of NPD Solarbuzz, delivers his Top 5 trends to look out for in 2015.

06 January 2015 | Raj Prabhu | Comment now

PV installations in 2015 to reach 54.5 GW

China, Japan and the United States will continue to lead global solar installations in the coming year. Raj Prabhu, CEO and co-founder of Mercom Capital Group, examines the leading PV markets in 2015.

18 December 2014 | Tobias Engelmeier | Comment now

India needs to go on the offensive in climate change negotiations

Tobias Engelmeier of Bridge to India looks at the ways in which India can not only fight climate change and lower CO2 emissions but also become a driving force in making a substantial global deal happen.

15 December 2014 | Tobias Engelmeier | Comment now

What the miraculous transformation of a German utility giant means for India

Bridge to India's Tobias Engelmeier examines the decision of German utilitity E.On to embrace renewables and sell off its fossil and nuclear assets and explores the lessons the move may hold for Indian utilities.

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