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21 August 2014 | Kane Thornton | Comment now

Retain RET to keep green energy on Team Australia

When Tony Abbott claimed victory for the Coalition in the 2013 election before a euphoric crowd of supporters, he was quick to proclaim that Australia was once again open for business.

14 August 2014 | Yann Brandt | Comment now

A clean energy miracle: My challenge to Bill Gates

Yann Brandt of SolarWakeup.com praises Bill Gates' commitment to clean energy R&D, he dares the philanthropist and investor to fund new technology projects in an effort to create a real enery miracle.

31 July 2014 | Brad Meikle | Comment now

Federal policy decisions misaligned with US interests

Anti-dumping tariffs were designed to stop state subsidized foreign businesses from stealing U.S. jobs. The U.S. is now imposing anti-dumping tariffs on China solar manufacturers, which instead of protecting U.S. jobs, threaten hundreds of thousands of domestic jobs in coming years. Even worse, this illogical ruling will have further negative ripple effects, which include higher electricity costs, increased carbon output and worsened China trade relations.

15 July 2014 | Manuel Gonzalez | Comment now

Crisis as opportunity: a win-win situation for system operators and investors despite subsidy reductions in Spain and Italy

Manuel Gonzalez of Berlin-based online PV installation market place Milk the Sun, looks at opportunities for investors and operators of PV plants in Spain and Italy beset by FIT cuts.

15 July 2014 | Christos Georgopoulos | Comment now

PV monitoring heats up as demand for investment-grade PV data rises

Christos Georgopoulos examines the growing monitoring system market and the increasing role in-depth analysis and data on technical and financial performance is playing for stakeholders.

18 June 2014 | Martin Schachinger | One comment

Module prices: Calm before the storm

May remained comparatively quiet but a run on modules is expected in June and July, says Martin Schachinger of pvXchange GmbH.

17 June 2014 | Akhilesh Magal | 2 comments

Delhi heat, power pricing and the promise of rooftop solar

India's government must adopt a long-term view -- which means higher prices in the short-term but a much healthier grid and lower energy costs in the long-term. Rooftop solar can play a vital role, writes Akhilesh Magal of Bridge to India.

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