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18 November 2014 | Tobias Engelmeier | Comment now

Six things India needs to do for a solar revolution

Tobias Engelmeier, founder and director of New Delhi-based consultancy group Bridge to India, outlines the steps India needs to take to launch solar development in a major way.

15 October 2014 | Jasmeet Khurana | Comment now

Understanding India's solar transition under the new government

In the lead-up to Intersolar India, which runs November 18-20, Jasmeet Khurana of Bridge to India examines the latest developments in India's dynamic PV sector.

15 October 2014 | Rosa Tarragó | Comment now

Brazil: Do PV power purchase agreements fulfill market standards?

Rosa Tarragó examines the state of power purchase agreements in Brazil.

13 October 2014 | Susann Scherbarth | Comment now

Scotland says YES ... to community energy!

The Scottish population may have voted narrowly against independence last month, but it is already taking more control of its own energy.

08 October 2014 | Doug Parr | Comment now

Comment: Why is Hinkley a bad deal for the UK consumer?

The world of energy is changing. The world's largest private bank, UBS, has recently advised its clients that large centralised power stations (like Hinkley) are not the future -- solar power, electric cars and cheaper storage batteries are. Meanwhile, tech leaders Google have invested $3.2bn in Nest, a smart home energy company.

22 September 2014 | Andy Moon, Jason Gray | One comment

Is Bill Gates behind the times on renewable energy?

Bill Gates has done a wonderful job of highlighting the critical role of energy in the fight against poverty. Energy impacts every sector, from agriculture and education to economic development. In the health sector alone, over 1 billion people go to health clinics without electricity, which means that staff are forced to "treat emergency patients in the dark, and health centers lack the power they need to store vaccines or sterilize medical supplies."

18 September 2014 | Hugues Chanoine | Comment now

The case for long-duration energy storage

Hugues Chanoine of European consultancy Clean Horizon examines the strong potential for long duration energy storage and compares various technologies.

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