Black Sheep Cases


Details of the black sheep campaign

At the moment, we are mostly interested in modules and wiring cases. Tell us if the products fail to deliver the promised results, age rapidly, have false certificates, don’t have proper service, cause warranty problems etc.

We also invite you to contact us if you have troubles with other components or the installation in total. However, for that we will have to put your case aside for the time being, until we have enough resources to handle all of them.

We know that the solar world is not black and white. But judging from our experience with previous quality roundtables, the best way to discuss the responsibility of market players is by using concrete examples. With your permission, we will also contact your opponents and try to find a solution for the problem.

Until now we have researched cases with hotspots, snail trails, false labels, broken plugs, PID, browning etc. Read more about one of the hotspot cases discussed at one of the last roundables.