US: Isofotón to open Ohio manufacturing facility

07. September 2012 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers, Products | By:  Becky Beetz

Spain-based Isofotón will announce the opening of its new photovoltaic manufacturing facility in Napoleon, Ohio during next week’s Solar Power International event. Production at the facility is scheduled to commence in November.

Isofoton HQ Spain

Isofotón recently lost out its bid for the insolvent Q.Cells to South Korea’s Hanwha Group.

Initial capacity will be 50 MW and 120 employees are expected to be hired. However, Isofotón says there is room to ramp production up to 300 MW and expand the workforce to 330 people. It added that it plans to focus on hiring military veterans.

Commenting, CE, Ángel Luis Serrano said, "We have developed a sound plan for growth in the U.S., a country that will lead the photovoltaic industry over the next ten years. Isofoton North America’s new Ohio manufacturing facility is an example of our commitment to the U.S. market, and benefits from the support of key partners, including Samsung, Mercedes AMG, Posco, as well as our highly productive R&D and economic development partnership with the University of Toledo, Ohio."

The company declined to answer any questions regarding exactly what the factory will produce or how much had been invested in its latest venture.

Isofotón recently lost its bid for the insolvent Q.Cells to South Korea’s Hanwha Group. The company revealed to pv magazine that had it won, it would have invested €300 million in the Germany-based company.

Meanwhile, North America is becoming a significant destination for solar companies. Just recently, Solon and Hanwha spoke to pv magazine about their strategies for the region going forward. 

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