Power-One launches 300W Micro-Inverter and DC/DC Power Optimizer

04. May 2011 | By:  Power-One, Inc.

Power-One, Inc., a leading provider of renewable energy and energy-efficient power conversion and power management solutions, today announced the launch of its new 300W micro-inverter as well as its DC/DC power optimizer.

With the AURORA MICRO-0.3 inverter, Power-One introduces an alternative to the traditional string inverters the company is well-known for. By linking a micro-inverter to each module, the output of every single panel can be individually controlled and optimized. The second product, the AURORA OPTI-0.3 power optimizer, is also linked to one module and helps maximizing the energy output.

“We offer something new to Power-One customers with these two products” said Paolo Casini, Vice President, Product Marketing at Power-One. “Both micro-inverters and power optimizers were designed to help our customers make the most out of installations which have to cope with difficult conditions like partial or temporary shading or significant panel mismatching. Moreover, the MICRO-0.3 is the perfect choice for customers who want to adjust the size of their MICRO-0.3.pngapplications easily.”

Micro-inverters like the AURORA MICRO-0.3 offer customers attractive benefits. By equipping each module with its own micro-inverter, each panel benefits from a separate MPPT, creating the optimum power curve for individual panel conditions. This does not only minimize efficiency losses in challenging conditions, but also allows for controlling every module individually, ease of plant expansion without the hassle of string re-sizing or panel matching.

Additional features of the device include efficiency ratings of up to 95.5 percent, a rugged outdoor enclosure and HF isolation, allowing it to fit any application requiring the grounding of either one of the input terminations. The micro-inverter is electrolyte-free to further increase the product lifetime and long term reliability and can be easily installed due to a proprietary wireless communication hub and grid interface included in the package. Up to ten micro-inverters can be connected in a string.

Power optimizers like the AURORA OPTI-0.3 perfectly complement all Power-One AURORA inverters as they optimize the energy harvested from each module in an array. Usually, solar panels are joined together in a serial pattern. If the functionality of one panel is impaired, the energy being produced from the entire installation is reduced accordingly. This effect can be significantly lowered by using power optimizers. The AURORA OPTI-0.3 uses DC-to-DC technology to maximize the energy produced by each module within a string as it optimizes the voltage or current for any given weather conditions.

Moreover, the device helps to minimize loss caused by partial or temporary shading and mitigates PV panel mismatch and to acquire single panel data radio transmitted to a communication hub which is part of the package. This helps installers to create the largest installations possible and increases the return on investment (ROI). The AURORA OPTI-0.3 offers efficiency rates of up to 99.5 percent, a single panel Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) and a temperature hardened construction.

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