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Forum Solarpraxis: It's all political for Europe's big two solar powers

Attendees at the 16th Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin have been buoyed by the news that the German storage subsidy is set to be extended for three years.

Contrasting fortunes for the German and U.K. solar PV markets in 2016 will suppress the European solar landscape as policy changes take effect.

Australian Greens set out 90% renewables by 2030 plan

CSP graphic in Australia

The Australian Greens have published a plan to see the country move to 90% renewable energy by 2030. The plan envisages two scenarios by which the goal can be achieved, with the second anticipating an increase of rooftop PV from...

Risen to construct massive solar carport in China

Risen modules

China’s Risen Energy is constructing the first phase of a vast 55 MW solar carport in Hangzhou Bay, China. The project will be the biggest solar parking structure in the world when completed.

Li-ion battery costs to fall 50% in next 5 years, driven by renewables

Storage is essential for increased renewables uptake

Capital costs for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are expected to come down by around 50% over the next five years, as a result of increased renewables generation, among other factors, finds Lazard in a new study looking at the...

Tata Steel plans 22 MW rooftop solar project in the Netherlands

The solar PV panels will be installed at Tata's IJmuiden steelworks factory

Tata Steel has unveiled ambitious plans to install a 22 MW solar PV rooftop system atop factory roofs in the Netherlands. When complete in 2018, it will be one of the biggest projects of its kind.

China’s GD Solar retires 640 MW manufacturing capacity

In 2013, GD Solar completed projects in China with a capacity of 715 MW

Guodian subsidiary, GD Solar will retire 640 MW of crystalline and thin film solar PV capacity due to low utilization rates, high production costs and market expansion difficulties.

White House holds National Community Solar Summit

68 state and local governments and organizations have now made pledges to increase access to community solar under a national partnership, including industry leader Clean Energy Collective.

UK to phase out all coal plants by 2025

Coal plant.

Energy Minister Amber Rudd delivers speech calling for an end to 'outdated' energy source, with natural gas and nuclear power to be ramped up to plug the power gap.

Australian holiday island goes 45% renewable with new PV array

Perth PV array

The Western Australian island of Rottnest will achieve 45% renewable penetration with a new 600 kW PV array, which will be coupled with an existing wind turbine. Together the renewable generation sources will supply the island...

Strata Solar given green-light for 50 MW solar farm in Mississippi

The Strata Solar development will be the largest solar farm in the state of Mississippi.

Developer to collaborate with Mississippi Power to build a 50 MW solar farm in Hattiesburg that will become the largest single solar installation in the state.

ReneSola Q3 results show downstream shift beginning to bear fruit

ReneSola cell production.

Despite third quarter revenues coming in 1.1% below Q3 2014, the $368.2 million generated is a 37.2% increase on Q2 and is, according to the company, a result of its strategic shift to project development.

WGL to invest $200m in US distributed solar next year

Rooftop solar PV.

U.S. energy provider announces pipeline of 150 MW of distributed solar capacity either installed or under construction across the country; eyes wider, $200 million expansion in 2016.

Deutsche Bank positive on First Solar pipeline post ITC stepdown

First Solar Copper Mountain plant

Deutsche Bank has expressed cautious optimism for First Solar's ability to develop projects in the United States after the scheduled Investment Tax Credit (ITC) step down. In an investor note published yesterday, Deutsche said...

Trina secures $90m in financing from Wells Fargo and Barclays

Trina logo.

The Chinese solar company has signed a $30 million credit line with Barclays Bank and a $60 million revolving loan facility with Wells Fargo to support its U.S. working capital and business operation.

Cronimet moves towards 15 MW mining projects in South Africa

Solar diesel in South Africa.

African independent power producer Cronimet in on track to pick up 15 MW of PV projects to supply mining and industrial operations in South Africa. The projects are being awarded under the South African government's small REIPPP...

Kaco doubles global turnover

inverter production, Kaco.

The German inverter manufacturer expects to generate EUR 200 million in revenue in 2015, almost double the figure achieved in 2014; company expects turnover to reach EUR 250 million next year.

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